Presentation of the school

The Primary school Louis Adamič was named after the journalist, writer and translator who was born in a place near Grosuplje in 1898. Up to the age of fourteen Louis Adamič attended school in Slovenia, later he lived and worked in the USA. With his excellent translations of Slovene works, with articles and lectures he presented Slovene history, culture and current policy in the American environment. He asserted himself with his work Dinamit (Dynamite: The Story of Class Violence in America, 1931) representing the history of social struggles in the USA and served as a manual in many schools. Louis Adamič is valued as the most successful and recognised Slovene emigrant author in the 20th century as he wrote more than 20 books and 500 essays with historic, cultural and current socio-political content that belong to the type of literary journalism, documentary prose and novel.

The school internally

The Primary school Louis Adamič is actually, by the number of pupils, one of the biggest school in Slovenia. Every school year more than 1,000 pupils attend school in five units: the central school, the displaced unit and three branch units.

Pupil’s school day

Pupils from the nearby places are driven to school by school buses while younger pupils are brought to school by their parents. School starts at 8.30 a.m., lessons last 45 minutes. During individual lessons, subjects, linked to a certain class, are tackled. Younger pupils, up to the fifth grade, are taught the basics of reading, writing, drawing and calculation within the subjects of the Slovene language, mathematics, fine arts and music, society and technics. The pupils from the sixth to the ninth grade spend each hour with a different teacher who assist them in understanding matters from various fields: foreign languages, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science… Pupils like to engage in sports activities that are carried out in the inner gym and outdoors. During the break they get snacks and after school lunch is served in the school lunch rooms.

Lessons are carried out also outside the school. In various daily activities, excursions and days spent in nature the pupils expand their knowledge in an innovative, modern and pleasant way.

Outside the regular schedule many voluntary interest activities in various fields are carried out representing a very important part of learning for life, helping in discovering and developing pupils’ abilities in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Expanded programme comprises also the extended stay for younger pupils that is a complement to regular  lessons during which time the pupils do their homework under the guidance of a teacher who guides and encourages them and gives them additional explanations. Relaxation, creativity and recreation are taken care of as well.

School externally

Pupils together with their teachers participate in national as well as in international projects. In the past years the pupils have cooperated with schools in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands … Throughout the year several activities and events are going on among which some have become traditional: eco-market and the event From Spring to Spring in which singing choirs from all units and branches perform. The school has been recognised as Eco-school and e-competent school.

Our pupils are also very active in competitions. Every year they take part in numerous competitions on the school, regional and national levels from where they return enriched with awards. They are particularly successful in the sports and cultural fields.

The school is very closely connected with the local environment. Pupils, together with their teachers, take part in many local events and at the same time the school invites into its premises  local people, local craftsmen and various associations to make lessons more colourful and interesting.